Easily (and inexpensively) add some personality to the look of your reception decor

Want a cute, easy, and inexpensive way to give your reception a different look?

Change up the style of your napkin fold.

We’ve all seen the napkin in the water glass, or the ‘standing fan’ fold. Definitely pretty, but . . .

. . .with so many different folds, why not try choose something else?

The other morning I was at a breakfast meeting at the Kohler Hall. On the tables, there were two different napkin folds alternating at each place setting. One (like the one at my seat) was neatly folded and wrapped around the side of the plate, the other rolled similar to a cinnamon roll.

One of my brides wanted a pocket fold with their program tucked inside.

For my “Tranquil Woodland” tabletop, I used the “candle fold” as it mimicked the tall narrow shape of the tree and waterfall.

And, to go with an art deco theme, I used the “diamond fold”.

None of these folds took any longer to fold than the water glass or standing fan.
For photos and easy-to-follow instructions for these and other fun napkin folds try NapkinFoldingGuide.com and About.com/NapkinFolding

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