Jean’s Top 10 Tips for Planning Your Wedding – Part 9

9. Designate a go-to person for your wedding day

Choose someone other than yourself, your groom, your mom, his mom, or someone in the bridal party. Make sure that this person will be available at the rehearsal, ceremony and reception.

This person, who can be a friend or relative, or a professional wedding planner, will need to know where everything will go, and when everything will occur (without having to ask you on your wedding day!) They will take on several responsibilities such as:

  • making sure all of your vendors have arrived and are set up correctly
  • all corsages and boutonnieres are pinned on
  • getting everyone down the aisle at the right moment
  • ensuring that all of your vendors are on the same schedule
  • the champagne is poured at the proper time
  • knowing if the dollar dance or the bouquet toss comes next
  • directing guests to their tables if you’ve got assigned seating

    Among other things, this person will be a combination go-fer, hostess, delivery person and trouble shooter, and will take care of all the little (and big) behind-the-scenes details so you and your groom will be able to enjoy your wedding day and not have to worry about anything.

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