It’s A Nice Day for a (Non) White Wedding (Cake)

. . . to semi-quote Billy Idol. Does a wedding cake have to be a delicate confection of white?

Recently, from “Darcy’s Idea of the Day,” Darcy Miller (of Martha Stewart Omnimedia) showed us an adorable cake decorated to mimic the pattern of an ikat weave. So…. This got me thinking about all the wonderful wedding cakes I’ve seen through the years that weren’t your usual ‘white wedding’ cake. Here are a few of my favorites. Simple, yet whimsical, this adorable cake beautifully coordinates with the couple’s Tiffany blue decor.

Both the bride and groom worked for the State Park System. The canoe and lily pads on the bottom tier were inspired by a similar design on their invitations, and on top sits a little bride bear and groom bear.

The bride loved this green “grass” covered cake which she saw in a magazine. Gerber daisies were added to coordinate with her centerpieces.

No delicate confection in white for these cakes – yet each were perfectly suited for their respective wedding receptions. A traditional white cake would probably have looked out of place.

Have fun with your wedding cake design. Perhaps you’re wanting somethng more traditional – and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’d like something different, why not go for it?

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