How To Choose Ceremony Music to Express Your Wedding Vision – Part 3

Although I’ve divided the following list of selections not only by the part of the ceremony to which they are most appropriate, but by style (hymns, classical, modern) as well, many are interchangeable. For example, “The Lord’s Prayer,” while under “Prelude” is a wonderful “Ceremony” choice.

Pick up a wedding cd or two so you can familiarize yourself with some of the different selections available. A couple good ones are “The Wedding Album – Anthony Newman, Organ” and “Wedding Day – The Complete Guide To Wedding Music.” You can also check out your local library’s music section.


“The Lord’s Prayer” – Malotte
“Benediction Nuptiale” – Saint Saens
“Immaculate Mary”
“Prayer to St. Francis”
“Lord Of All Hopefulness” – Manz
“Jesus, Lead Thou On” – Manz
“Agnus Dei” – Smith

“Adagio” – Albinoni
“Aria, Suite in D” – Bach
“Prelude” – Chopin
“Songs Without Words, #48” – Mendelssohn
“Courante from Three Lute Dances” – Francisque
“Adagio” (from Sonata in E Flat) – Mozart
“Allegro” (from Brandenburg Concerto, #4 in G) – Bach
“Air (from Water Music, Suite #1)” – Handel
“Evening Prayer” (from Hansel & Gretel) – Humperdinck

“Center of My Life”
“Grow Old With Me”
“On Eagles Wings” – Michael Joncas
“Memory” (from Cats) – Andrew L. Webber
“Love Story” – Lai
“Ice Castles” – M. Hamlisch
“The Rose” – McBroom
“Climb Every Mountain” – Rogers and Hammerstein
“Time In A Bottle” – Jim Croce
“The Wedding Song” – Stookey

Tomorrow we finish with ceremony and recessional music selections.

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