Looks As Good As it Tastes

The #1 reason brides and grooms choose specific foods for their reception menu is taste. And for good reason too. If it doesn’t taste good, no one will eat it, and as I mentioned last week, wasted anything = wasted money.

Another important thing to remember when choosing your reception menu is appearance. Do the different foods – the meat, vegetables and starches – look good together on the plate?

When food is pleasing to the eye, the whole eating experience is is enhanced, and is more enjoyable.

An easy way to create an appealing appearance is to inject a bit of color. Monochromatic foods just aren’t as appealing. Think about it. A plate of mashed potatoes, white corn, and pork loin in gravy may be tasty – but the overall colors of the whole meal is pale and bland.

Perk it up with a little color. Use colorful vegetables — orange carrots, green peas or beans, a colorful garden salad, red bell peppers or tomatoes — a garnishes of fresh herbs. Your caterer can suggest choices that will nicely compliment your chosen entree.

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