C is for Cupcakes

To cupcake or not to cupcake.

Many people don’t feel that cupcakes are appropriate for a wedding. After all, they are more commonly associated with childrens treats than a bridal confection.

However, if you’re going to serve these versatile little cakes as your wedding day dessert here are a few tips to make them more “grown up.”

  • Skip the ho-hum cupcake liner and choose one in an amazing color and/or design to complement your wedding day.
  • Instead of the simple chocolate and vanilla, experiment with different flavors. How about key lime pie, caramel apple or blueberry.
  • But if you like chocolate and vanilla, go for an unexpected frosting flavor – maybe chocolate mocha, strawberry buttercream or dark chocolate ganache.
  • Make the presentation spectacular. As are wedding cakes, your cupcakes will be on display until they are to be served. Cupcake stands come in different shapes, sizes and styles. Make sure your baker actually uses a stand for cupcakes, not regular cakes. Although both make for a more dramatic presentation than just sitting all the cupcakes flat on the table, the proportions of a regular cake stand are too big, and there will be a lot of open “lost” space.

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