G is for Garter Toss

Few things are sillier, yet fun, than a groom removing a bit of lacy fabric from his new wife’s leg, then tossing it to the single men at their reception.

This simple ritual has lost its popularity through the years, and many couples choose to omit this tradition as they feel it is distasteful and vulgar.

However, compared to its origins, having your groom dive under your gown to retrieve a garter is quite civilized.

Be glad that you weren’t a bride prior to the 14th century. It was no mere “slip the garter off her leg and then toss” back then.

It was of believed that everything the bride wore or touched was good luck. So wedding guests, wanting to get a piece of good luck for themselves, would try to remove the garter from her leg themselves, and even ripped off bits of her gown. Yes, they accosted and assaulted the bride!

Who would have thought that this simple, fun ritual has its origins in something more aggressive and violent?

Eventually, brides grew tired of fighting off people trying to tear at their clothing, began tossing items to the guests, which evolved into the garter toss that we see today.

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