H is for (Your Wedding Day) Hairstyle – Part 1

Up or down? That’s the big question when it comes to your hair style for your wedding day. This week I’ll share my Top 10 Tips to help you determine the best ‘do for your day.

1. Formal or casual? – Your wedding day style. The style of your wedding can help indicate how you should wear your hair. Structured, up-do’s are usually more appropriate for formal affairs, while for informal/casual events hair can be worn looser, or completely down.

2. Formal or casual? – Your ceremony setting. A formal up-do will look out of place at a beach-front ceremony, while a style that is left loose and flowing isn’t right for a ceremony that will take place in a church or cathedral.

3. What type of veil will you be wearing? Is it long (Chapel or Cathedral length) or short (Blusher or Fingertip length)? Is it designed to be worn high on the crown of your head, or low? Does it attach to your hair with a comb, or is it part of a tiara or wreath? Your hair style and veil should accent each other, and the way your veil is held in place greatly depends on your hairstyle. Also, if you’re planning on removing your veil during your reception, you’ll want to make sure this can be easily done without messing up your hair style.

Photo courtesy of You-nique Reflections

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