H is for (Your Wedding Day) Hairstyle – Part 2

4. What does your gown look like? Your hair style should accent and complement your gown. A gown that is more formal and structured calls for a hair style that is very different than one that is plainer and more casual. Is your gown more romantic or classic? Modern or traditional? Take cues from your gown.

5. Potential hair dilemmas? Do you have short hair, or hair that is hard to manage? Don’t worry. A good hair stylist can help you discover a beautiful look that will work with what you have.

6. Practice, practice, practice. Regardless of how you think you want to wear your hair on your wedding day, always schedule a trial run with your hair stylist. Hair styles react differently on different heads and with different types of hair – so don’t take a chance. Make sure the way you envision your hair is really the way it will actually be.

7. What to bring to the trial appointment? Your veil and a photo of your gown. This will help your stylist to create a look that will truly complement your wedding attire. Also, bring your camera. When you find the right wedding hair look, take pictures – from the front, back and sides. That way you (and your stylist) will remember exactly what was done.

Photo courtesy of You-nique Reflections

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