Book Review: Take Back Your Wedding: Managing the People Stress of Wedding Planning

These days too much emphasis is placed on having the `perfect wedding’ and `it’s all about the bride.’

Take Back Your Wedding addresses the important aspect of dealing with the difficulties brought on by friends and family members (including family dynamics such as divorce and stepparents), who have a stake (financial and/or emotional) in the wedding, and their often varying and opposing opinions.

Always mindful that a wedding goes beyond just the bride and groom, it gives practical advice in dealing with these situations, which can quickly make the road from engagement to wedding a bumpy one

It never relegates the couple to a `back seat’ position, instead it gives them the tools needed to respectfully express their thoughts and wishes, maintain and lead the lines of communication so this journey is smooth and stress-free, and end up with a wedding that they want.

Take Back Your Wedding is ideal for any bride (and groom).

Hearts, Joy, Love!

If you need help with your wedding plans contact me at or at 937-235-2586.

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