Book Review – Bridal Flowers: Arrangements for a Perfect Wedding

As a wedding planner and designer, I keep an extensive library of wedding related books on hand to help my brides design their own weddings.

Ms. McBride’s Bridal Flowers is one of my favorites. It is full of wonderful ideas – not just the traditional “must have” wedding flowers such as bouquets & boutonnieres, but the out-of-the-ordinary (but inspiring) boas, decorated lampposts & gilded calla lilies.

Ms. McBride shows that flowers are for more than just being carried or worn. The large color photos are fantastic. So many other books have little or no photos, or hand drawn diagrams that leaves the reader wondering. Ms. McBride’s book lets you see exactly what she is talking about.

Bridal Flowers: Arrangements for a Perfect Wedding doesn’t claim to be a how-to book, but perfect to take along when visiting your floral designer.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

If you need help with your wedding plans contact me at or at 937-235-2586.

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