Top 6 Florist Boo-Boos Brides Make When Planning Their Wedding

1. Not thinking through DIY projects
Doing the DIY route for your wedding florals is way more than just ordering some flowers online then plopping them into a vase. You’ll need to properly prepare the flowers once they’re arrived – trimming stems, placing in water (over simplified here, there’s more to it than that) – so the flowers have opened and ready when you want them.

You’ll need a lot of room – 20 centerpieces take up a lot of space. And this space needs to be cool, (below 65 degrees is ideal, brrrr), so the flowers stay fresh. You’ll need transportation that can accommodate transporting several centerpieces and other floral arrangements so they get to the ceremony and reception looking perfect, not squashed and beat up.

Unless you’re really experienced in floral arranging, it can get overwhelming, and more costly in the end.

2. Not communicating with your florist
Communication is key, and it is so important to fully express what you want and like as well as what you DON’T want and DON’T like. Bring in pictures found in magazines and online. Bring in color swatches (please don’t rely on color name alone!), bring pictures of your gown and your attendants’ dresses.

3. Limiting your color palette to only one color
I don’t mean one color family, but ONE COLOR. You may be thinking, “my colors are lavender and white, so my decor will be lavender and white.” Sounds good in your head. But, in reality, if your bridesmaids will be wearing lavender dresses, choosing lavender flowers, (and lavender table linens), it will be visually boring. Everything will blend.

Instead of “matching” colors, choose colors that accent and compliment. Want dramatic? Try lime green or red flowers with a lavender gown; for more classic look go with yellows and golds.

4. Selecting a bouquet that is too big
You’re the bride, and you want a beautiful bouquet that is grand. And rightly so. You are the bride, and your bouquet should stand out.

But size isn’t necessarily the way to go. Bigger isn’t necessarily better. If your bouquet is too big it will compete with, instead of complementing, your wedding gown. And a bigger bouquet will be heavy.

5. Selecting centerpieces that are too small
Yes, smaller centerpieces cost less, and I’m not saying that you have to have huge centerpieces. But you’ll want something that won’t fade into the background, or look like the table decor isn’t finished.

A single bloom in a small bud vase will get ‘lost’ on the tabletop. Instead do a grouping of bud vases, or a small container of flowers (julep cups are cute).

6. Not reusing ceremony arrangements
You’ve chosen pretty flower arrangements to decorate the aisle and altar area for your ceremony. Too bad they’ll only be seen for about 45 minutes or so (wedding ceremonies usually only last about a half hour, and figure in some time for your guests’ arrival). Why not get your money’s worth and re-use them at the reception? Incorporate your ceremony flowers into your reception centerpieces, a little decor on the bar or in the restrooms, on an entry table . . .

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Photo Credit: bridal bouquet Dave Lesko

Photo Credit: bridesmaids’ bouquets Faye Sommer

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