4 Ways to Stay on Budget with Your Wedding Gown

  1. Figure out your wedding gown budget before going to the salon, and then only try on gowns that fall within that range.
  2. Be very careful before purchasing a dress that is way too big or too small, even if the price is one that seems impossible to pass up. While it may be an incredible savings on the dress, the alterations will be costly.
  3. Go to trunk shows. A trunk show is a special event where a designer displays his or her entire collection and provides personal consultations. You will have the opportunity to talk to the actual designer, to discuss the gowns that are best suited for your body type, and take advantage of any show specials. Check with your local salon for any upcoming trunk shows.
  4. Snag a sample. To make room for the new seasons’ designs, bridal salons will often sell their current sample inventory at 50% or more off regular price.

Looking for fun ideas to make your wedding plans unique? Contact me at 937-235-2586 or at jean@weddingsfromtheheart.net.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

photo credit: four12 via photopin cc

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