Why June Is Traditionally The Month For Weddings

Juno, the Roman Goddess of Marriage

The Roman goddess Juno rules over marriage, the hearth and childbirth, hence the popularity of June weddings.

June, named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage, has long been the most popular month. She would bring prosperity and happiness to all who wed in her month.

Ok, that’s the romantic version.

The real scoop?

Waaaaaay back when, people did not take daily baths and showers as we do today. Sure, they cleaned themselves on a regular basis, but a bath was an annual event. Due to the warmer weather, the annual bath usually took place at the end of May or early June.

So what better time to have a wedding than when everyone is so fresh and squeaky clean?

Are you planning your June wedding (or any other time of the year)? Contact me at jean@weddingsfromtheheart.net or at 937-235-2586.

Hearts, Joy, Love!

photo credit: diffendale via photopin cc

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