Dear Weddings From The Heart . . .

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A while back I received a letter from a groom. It was a few weeks after his wedding, and although we did not work together he wanted to share some information with me. Apparently, on the day of their wedding, he and his new bride had a horrible experience with their venue and caterer.

His letter described the problems and issues created by the venue and staff, including how rude their staff was, how they ran out of food, and, what food there was, was cold.

The point of his letter was to warn me about this venue/caterer.

It broke my heart. No one deserves to be treated in this fashion, and for any company, wedding related or not, to provide such low quality of service and product is unforgivable.

But it doubly broke my heart as I soon realized that I could have helped this couple avoid this issue altogether.

Let’s go back several months . . . to when they were just starting with their wedding plans.

I received a phone call from this groom as he was interested in meeting with me to provide planning and coordination services for their wedding. So we scheduled an appointment.

However, a couple days later he called me back to cancel the appointment. He explained that his fiancée did not want a planner/coordinator, as she preferred to take care of things herself. I told him that my role does not hinder or diminish any couple from planning their own wedding, but instead is there to guide and assist, but if they would like to reschedule to let me know. The appointment was cancelled, and I did not hear back from them . . . until his letter after their wedding.

It made me sad (for them, not for me) because had they kept the appointment and hired my services, even for just venue/catering selection, I would have steered them clear from this venue, as it was notorious for such horrible practices (and then some) that he and his new bride experienced.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is not to pat myself on the back, or to claim to be the grand know-it-all of weddings, or to say that everyone should hire me for their wedding.

Instead it is just a simple reminder that there are people out there who are there to help you with your wedding, to take away the stress, to make sure you are making informed decisions regarding the many choices you are presented with, to provide options. And we are happy to help with a little or a lot, depending on your specific wedding needs.

To see how Weddings From The Heart can make your wedding day stress-free, enjoyable, and just the way you want, contact me at, or by phone at 937-235-2586, or 937-581-3647, to schedule your free, initial appointment!

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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