Should I Send a Save-The-Date to My Wedding Guests?

If you are planning to celebrate your wedding over a holiday weekend, or your guest list will include a number of out-of-town guests, Save-The-Date cards should be an important part of your plan.

Generally, they are sent out as early as six months prior to the wedding date. Because they will give guests a sneak preview of the degree of formality and tome of the wedding, try to select cards that are consistent with the invitations that you will send out later.

Your Save-The-Dates don’t have to match your invitations, nor be very elaborate. Their purpose is simply to give your guests a head’s up.

Wording for your Save-The-Date cards just needs to touch on the basics:

Your intended invitees now know that they will be invited to your wedding celebration that will take place in October of 2020 in Rochester. They have time to schedule time off from work, make travel arrangements (if necessary), and any other preparations needed to attend your nuptials.

With Save-the-Date cards, there is no need for the recipient to RSVP. You do not have to include venue names and addresses. You do not have to specify a time.

All that will be included on or with the invitation, which will be sent to them at a later date.

Your Save-the-Date cards are exactly what the name implies – they allow your guests to know the date of your wedding so they can mark their calendars with the intention of attending your wedding.

Save-the-Date cards are optional. You do not have to send them at all. However, if your wedding will fall on a holiday weekend, or take place in the summer (peak vacation months for most people), or a majority of your guests will be travelling from out-of-town (making their need to make additional arrangements for travel and lodging a must), Save-the-Dates are ideal.

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Hearts, Joy, Love!

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