What If?

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying – “The Best Laid Plans…” (meaning that no matter how well something is planned, something may still go wrong).

Well, this definitely should be considered when you are planning your wedding.

Don’t worry. It’s not bad luck to anticipate potential problems or areas of concern, just make sure to have a Plan B in place.

Here are some recommendations and a couple real-life examples of past mishaps and their solutions.

*Have an emergency kit packed and ready
It should include a sewing kit that has thread in all the colors that are in your wedding party – white, ivory, black/grey or other tuxedo shades, colors for bridesmaid gowns and both mothers. It should also include needles, pins – safety and straight – scissors, mending tape.

One bride related that during the receiving line she leaned over to kiss a relative and in the process, he unknowing stepped on the front of her gown. When she stood up, the front of the gown’s skirt ripped out at the waist. A quick repair job with the contents of her emergency kit saved the day.

Also include Kleenex, spot remover cloths, aspirin, breath lozenges, feminine products, make up, hair spray and any necessary medications, and a bit of florist’s tape.

*Have a backup plan just in case
If someone has to drop out of your wedding party at the last minute – what will you do? Find someone in the same size to replace the person or consider how important is it to have the exact number of male and female attendants?

If you are planning an outdoor wedding and reception, what will you do if it rains or storms?

*Remember that everything can be fixed in some way
Use your imagination and try to anticipate some possible solutions. So you are one boutonniere short – it’s not the end of the world. Clip some blossoms from either the maid’s bouquet or the bridal bouquet. Go to you emergency kit for the magic green tape florists use to fashion arrangements and voila! Problem solved.

*Trust your feelings
If something doesn’t feel right, pay attention. Your instincts are probably right. Plans that feel right to you are the ones to go with. Other people can make suggestions but the final choice is yours.

*Your wedding will be wonderful
Mishaps can occur but if you don’t panic, neither will anyone else. At one wedding, the processional was complete and the ceremony about to begin when the bride noticed that the altar candles had never been lit. No one else noticed so she wisely ignored the lapse.

Her wedding was beautiful.

Yours will be too!

Hearts, Joy, Love!

photo credit: Corey Balazowich via photopin

Do you have a question or wedding concern? Let me know. I’d be happy to help. Contact me at jean@weddingsfromtheheart.net or at 937-235-2586 or 937-581-3647.

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