Wedding Q&A – Do I Have to Invite Family I’m Not Close To?







Q – Do I have to invite a family member I’m not close to, to my wedding?

A – It’s your wedding, so technically, you can invite (or not invite) whoever you want.

That said, consider the following:

  • Do you just “not like him,” or does it go deeper than that? Is it because the two of you just “don’t click,” or is there “bad blood” between you?
  • How will this affect future family get-togethers? Will other family members brush it off with a simple “meh,” or will you be hearing about this for years to come?
  • How will this affect other family members? Let’s use cousins as an example. Will this cause friction between the 2 cousins you are close to (and who did receive an invite) and the 3rd cousin you didn’t invite? Will it cause friction between you and your aunt? Although, it’s your wedding and you can invite (or not invite) whoever you want, this is most likely a time for you to take the high road and send that other invitation.


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