Super Easy Ways to Decorate the Newlyweds’ Car for a Stylish Getaway








Photo credit: Just Married via photopin (license)

Q. – What are the best decoration ideas for the bride and groom’s getaway car?

A. – Back in the 5th century people threw shoes at the bride and groom. This practice eventually evolved to shoes being tied to the couples’ getaway carriage. This was done to wish the couple luck and to represent the happy couple being tied (or committed) to each other.

And back in Tudor England (14th – 16th centuries), tin cans were tied to the back of the vehicle.








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The noise they created scared off any evil spirits who may try to cause trouble for the newlyweds.

Today, decorating the couple’s getaway car is a fun gesture, to call attention to the newlyweds as they drive away from their wedding reception.

There are many fun and easy ways to creatively decorate the newlyweds’ getaway car.

* Window clings (quick and easy).







Photo credit: liorpt / 123RF Stock Photo”target=”_blank”>liorpt | 123RF Stock

* A floral arrangement on the hood of the car.






Photo credit: © Pfluegler |

* “Just Married” or “Honk! We’re Married!” signs or banners. Other sign/banner ideas: “Lovebirds,“Tied the Knot,“Newlyweds on Board.” Don’t you just love the “Marriage Rocks” sign?








Photo credit: © Joshua Rainey |








Photo credit: © Janinaj |

* Glass markers work great to write on the car’s windows. You could also use soap, but soap is difficult to write with and doesn’t show up as well.








Photo credit: Acte manqué via photopin (license)

A couple other fun décor ideas are:

* Steamers are fun and colorful. If there’s potential for rain use metallic streamers instead of crepe paper ones (the metallic ones won’t “bleed”).

* Balloons (attached to the outside, or stuffed inside).

A few car decorating “Don’ts”

* Don’t use shaving cream or whipped cream as they may damage the paint on the vehicle (not to mention extremely messy – what newlyweds want to spend their wedding night cleaning the car?)

* Don’t use glitter or silly string (way too messy).

* Don’t attach anything with electrical or masking tape (can pull off paint).

Have questions or looking for fun ideas for your wedding? Contact me today at or at 937- 235-2586 or 937-581-3647!

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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