3 Money Saving Tips Without Sacrificing Style for Your Wedding

Looking for ways to save money without sacrificing the overall feel of your wedding? Check out these tips.


Greenery and candles are still one of the best ways to save money on centerpieces. It’s elegant and cost effective.

Want something with big impact, but not the big price tag? How about a graceful candelabra,
Silver Light Brass Candelabraor a large, elegant vase or candle holder? Gorgeous, but costs a fraction of a large floral arrangement.

You can also add some pizzazz by easily dressing up plain glass candle holders with adhesive rhinestones, ribbon, lace, glitter or paint.

Word of caution: If you do use real candles, get the unscented kind. When you get a room full of candles, a scent will get overpowering, can aggravate someone’s allergies, and (believe it or not) will affect the taste of the food.


Serve cupcakes or cake pops rather than a traditional tiered wedding cake.

Chocolate and Pink Cake Pops
You’ll save money per serving (cupcakes & cake pops are often .50 – $1 less per serving than cake). You won’t be paying a cake cutting fee (that most venues charge).

And you’ll be able to order just the amount you need.

For example, if you have 100 guests, you’ll want 100 servings. For a tiered cake, you’ll end up with at least 118 servings as an 8″ tier serves 24, a 10″ serves 38, and a 12″ serves 56. Not that there’s anything wrong with having extra leftover cake, some couples do so on purpose, but if you need to shave something off your budget, this is an easy way to do so.

Fun Stuff

Photo booths are still popular. And with good reason – they’re fun, a great activity for your guests, people can be silly or or serious . . .

However, many couples whose budget doesn’t allow for a traditional photo booth are changing it up.

photo booth wedding party bridesmaids girls

Ok, DIY Photo Booths are a bit more effort on your part than having a professional photo booth, (not to mention that there won’t be the fun extras that the pros offer, such as a custom logo, booth attendant, professional equipment, and on-site prints). However the DIY route can be relatively easy. Get a digital camera on a tripod, and guests can snap away. You’ll have to wait until after the event to load up all the photos online for you and your guests to see.

A relatively new service is perfect for use with a DIY photo booth. Veri is a photo and video sharing product which was created specifically for weddings. Before your wedding day, your guests will get a link for the Veri app. Then any photos and videos they take at your wedding will be shared instantly. Unlike a hashtag where the photo has to be uploaded, with this app your guests won’t have to do anything other than snap the picture. Be sure to check out www.veri.com for more details.

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Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Wedding Planning Do’s and Don’ts

Let your guiding principle be this – “As with any wedding, it’s not just about you, it is also about your guests.”

Brides and grooms who keep their guests in mind as they make decisions about their wedding plans, end up with more memorable moments than those who look at guests as people lucky enough to be included in the event.

With your guests in mind:

Don’t plan a difficult destination wedding
If you really want to be married on top of a ski slope in the hut where you first met, accept the fact that most folks will not be able or willing to make the trip. If that’s your dream – do it, but plan a major party at another time and place for all of your family and friends to celebrate with you.

Think hard about your need to DIY
Some brides are true seamstresses and will find joy in creating and sewing their own bridal gown, six bridesmaids’ gowns, a flower girl dress and one mother’s gown. Another bride may be capable of individually fashioning 150 handmade invitations, envelopes and enclosures.

If that’s you and you can keep your sanity through it all without driving others crazy in the process, then do it. If you can save money and put your personal stamp on an aspect of the wedding, that’s great.

But if you aren’t, don’t get stuck with a glue gun at 3 AM putting rhinestones on ribbons for the centerpieces. Do only what you can and borrow, rent, or hire someone to do the rest.

Do practice self care
Do whatever helps you unwind and relax. If you dwell on wedding plans to the exclusion of a life, you are doing no one a favor. When you feel the tension building, be aware and stop and take a breath. Remember you have a fiancé and that you are planning a life together. Your relationship doesn’t stop because you are busy planning YOUR wedding.

Do stick to your budget
It may be tempting to fudge here and there but unless you have built in some wiggle room in the wedding finances, don’t go overboard. Remember that you can negotiate with vendors, or hire a wedding planner to be sure you stay within your budget.

Do be grateful for all the good wishes, gifts and offers to help
Say thank you and mean it. You are feeling loved so share it. You’ll feel better and so will the recipient.

Photo by David Clow

Hearts, Joy, Love!

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Do You Need a Wedding Planner? Would You Remodel Your Home Without a General Contractor? By Christine Boulton

I don’t get it. Why would you take on a project that can cost you anywhere from $10,000 to, well, as high as you want to go without having a professional by your side?

Here is the thing, would you take on a major home remodeling project without hiring a general contractor? Of course not. I know, you are asking how are those even remotely the same. Let me ask you,

“How are they different?”

  • Both have budgets in at least the 5 figure range. That is a LOT of money.
  • In both instances you want a high degree of personalization. In short, you want YOUR dream to be executed.
  • Both will require a long list of sub-contractors that you have most likely never dealt with before.
  • Both require tight scheduling to make sure everything comes together on time and on budget.
  • Both are going to have glitches and unexpected issues pop up that someone is going to have to deal with.
  • The results of both are going to be with you for a long, long time.

Am I beginning to make some sense here?
All those things listed below are what a wedding planner does.

  • They know which vendors are reliable and match your style.
  • They help you translate your dreams to the people who are going to make them come true.
  • They know all about how your venue works in terms of timing and convenience for load in.
  • It is their job to keep that timeline on track so, for example, the flowers show up after the tables are set up, dinner is served hot and the MC know when to do the first dance.
  • It is their job to keep all those sub-contractors working together on the right plan.
  • They are there to look you right in the eye and say “Yes you can have that, but you are going to have to give up XYZ”
  • They are there to handle those last-minute glitches and issues in a way that you don’t even know they happened.

There is a wealth of information online today on how to plan a wedding, but until you actually do it, you have no idea of everything involved.

Seriously, when you look at it in this light, why would you even think of not hiring a wedding planner for one of the days you are going to remember for the rest of your life.

Sure, I could watch HGTV, DIY Network, House Crashers and This Old House until my eyes bleed but one episode of Holmes on Homes or DIY Disaster will cure my ass of thinking I can remodel my kitchen on my own!

By: Christine Boulton
Wedding Dish
Think Like A Bride

6 Reasons Why Your DIY Projects Aren’t Working Out

1. It Takes More Time Than You Think
DIY projects can often take a very long time, they can be stressful, and sometimes they just don’t turn out as expected. Yes, it happens – typos on the programs, crooked printing when the invitations don’t go through the printer straight. So carefully and realistically budget your time before you DIY.

2. Not Skilled In That Type Of Craft
Ok, the directions look easy, but once you get going . . .

Bottom line – not everyone is dextrous enough to beautifully fold origami cranes.

3. Not Enough Help
It’s a lot of work, and while it may be a priority to you, sitting down for several hours to do a project just doesn’t have the same level of importance, which means they won’t be expecting to have to help.

4. Disinterested (Turning Into Resentful) Help
It’s not that others don’t want you to be happy, or for you to have your unique wedding vision come true. But, like mentioned above, they don’t find it a priority. And we all know what happens when someone tackles a project that they really don’t want to do – it turns out badly, you get stressed and maybe even angry, and they feel resentment.

Anyway, is it fair to your bridesmaids to just expect them to jump right in and help you write out a hundred place cards or fold a thousand tissue paper flowers?

5. It’s Not Always Cheaper
Sure, DIY kits cost less money in the first place, but after figuring in materials, then the time needed to do the job right (researching how-tos, picking up supplies, practicing, picking up that other supply you forgot, messing up a few and having to go to the store again to pick up more materials), you might really be better off hiring a pro in the first place.

6. You Get Bit By The “Perfectionist Bug”
At first, you’re just wanting the project to look good, but once you actually get started you find yourself tweaking and adjusting, because “it’s my wedding and I want everything to be perfect!” Whoa. Relax and don’t put this type of stress on yourself (and those around you). Real life isn’t perfect.

Ok, I’m not saying that all DIY is bad. But, like everything else, you have to prioritize. How important really is each project to you? After all is said and done, will you look back and still see the glory in that particular project, or will you be wishing that you’d have spent your time on something else? If a project really matters to you, then do it.

If you’re looking for fun ideas, or need help with your wedding plans or that DIY project contact me at jean@weddingsfromtheheart.net or at 937-235-2586.

Hearts, Joy, Love!